Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Good luck Stella!

In September, Stella will be starting one of the most exciting projects of her life (outside of Kiddy Cook of course). She'll be volunteering her time and knowledge with the Spanish non- profit organisation UDANA in Kathmandu, Nepal (https://udananepal.com/) This Charity helps 15 vulnerable girls/young women from rural areas who are at high risk of exclusion to get access to education by providing shelter, food and all their basic needs in Kathmandu. 

I think we can all agree that Stella is an inspiration to others and we can’t wait to hear her say ‘NAMASTE’ (or 'Hello' in Nepali) and we're really looking forward to knowing more about these amazing girls and their beautiful country and enigmatic culture.

Watch this space and if you want to know about Stella's journey in Nepal and her experiences with the Udana girls follow her on social media #kiddycookwestlondon.

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