Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Kiddy Cook partners with Mars Food to highlight the benefits of shared mealtimes.

We're really pleased to be collaborating with Mars Food to put into practice some of the recommendations from their Dinnertime Matters campaign highlighting the benefits of eating together and encouraging more shared meals.

Mars is driven by its purpose to deliver better food today for a better world tomorrow and so there is real synergy with Kiddy Cook's mission to 'shape a healthier future for everyone'.
Starting in September Mars Food will be funding the delivery of our Food Foundation Programme to students at St Mary Magdalene Primary School in Paddington. This series of 10 weekly cooking workshops increase links between curriculum initiatives in keeping physically and mentally fit, and include practical cooking and the development of important skills in food handling and preparation. In addition, our resources provide support to other subjects, such as geography, and general science, in making an important contribution to understanding the food journey, eating food to make us feel good, and why looking after our health is so important.

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