Thursday, August 25, 2022

Is the children's activity sector recession-proof?

I’m not gonna lie – the last few years have been tough! Covid-19 and long periods of lockdown and restriction, a war in Ukraine (affecting us all), a cost-of-living crisis, and now a stark warning from the Bank of England that we’re heading towards a recession.

Many businesses are suffering because of the difficult economic climate. People are cutting back. BUT! Those of us working in the children’s activity sector, particularly those specialising in the provision of quality school workshops and after school clubs, have reason to be cheerful.

Here are just 2 reasons why businesses in the children’s activity sector are proving to be recession-hardy!

1.    Parents are often reluctant to compromise their kid’s health and wellbeing, preferring to cut back on many other areas of their life – great for those of us delivering after school clubs.

“All of our after-school clubs are fully booked and paid for with another full class on almost every waiting list”, Kiddy Cook Greater Manchester

2.    Schools stay open, whatever the economic climate and they continue to request the services of external providers to deliver curriculum activities – great for those of us delivering quality classroom experiences. 

In unstable times, the franchising route offers a relatively safe option to working for yourself. And children’s activity franchises make a good proposition, providing a lucrative main income and enjoyable business, or flexible supplementary wage - a chance to be your own Boss with a proven business model, the backing of an experienced network and established brand. 

No business is truly ‘recession-proof’ but as we look ahead to next year, there’s every reason to feel optimistic that the children’s activity sector will prove to be ‘recession-hardy!’

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