Kiddy Cook was born out of a passion for food from an early age, through to my teens and beyond, that’s never left me.

I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by a family who not only loved eating good food, but also knew how to cook it. I’m forever grateful to my mum, for teaching me cooking and entertaining skills; my Nana, for instilling a lifelong love of baking; and my dad, for showing me how to make the best macaroni cheese ever!

So when my children were born, I was determined that they would grow up with a positive attitude to food and eating, and that cooking would become an integral part of their lives. Which meant lots of nutritious home-cooked food, a wide variety of ingredients – and, most importantly, plenty of opportunities to have fun and experiment with food in the kitchen.

And in fact, it was when my daughter was still very young that I was inspired to turn my passion into a business. Taking part in the usual baby and toddler classes, I was surprised to find there were no structured activities focused on food and cooking – so I set up my own!

That was in 2005, and I’m proud to say that today, I have a team of enthusiastic & skilled class leaders and franchisees who deliver Kiddy Cook’s award-winning cooking & baking clubs, workshops and parties in schools, nurseries, and the wider community across the UK . We’re also licensed by the Duke of Edinburgh Award as an approved activity provider.

In a nutshell, Kiddy Cook introduces children to a variety of ingredients and helps them prepare delicious, healthy recipes to take home and cook.

And our mission is simple: to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the UK by helping them make informed choices towards a healthy lifestyle; to inspire them to have fun with food; and to give them vital skills they can use again and again.

We want positive, lasting change. We believe that if we give children and young people the opportunity to get cooking, they’re more likely to try the results.

And if we can encourage them to try good, healthy food then we can change the way they eat for life.

Nikki Geddes

Founder, Kiddy Cook

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