Kiddy Cook launches lockdown recipe book to raise funds for the NHS

Today, we've launched a new initiative that we hope will improve emotional wellbeing in the local community, while also raising much-needed funds for the NHS.

We're inviting families across the UK to contribute to the creation of a book of tasty recipes and inspirational stories, which will then be available to buy, with all proceeds going to support NHS Charities Together .

“Life isn’t easy during lockdown, which is why it’s important to try and look for the good things in every day, no matter how small. And here at Kiddy Cook, we want to spread that positivity among the wider local community.  Which is why we’re encouraging families to submit a favourite recipe for inclusion in our special ‘lockdown’ recipe book, along with a couple of sentences around something positive that’s happened as a result of lockdown, such as being able to spend more time together as a family.”

Get Involved!

Families who would like to get involved will be asked to pay £5 to have their recipe, positive snippet and a relevant photo included in the book, which will then be available to buy as a digital download from the Kiddy Cook website for just £5 (with all proceeds going to NHS Charities Together).

  1. Send your recipe as a word file together with an image (saved as a jpeg) to It would be great if we could get a picture of the whole family but don't worry if you are camera shy, a picture of your completed dish will be just fine. 
  2. Send a maximum of 2 sentences telling us something positive to come out of lockdown
  3. Make a donation (minimum £5) via our Just Giving page, making sure that you include your name so we know who you are!

Business Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for businesses who want to get involved at a cost of just £5 per page.

  1. Send your logo (saved as a jpeg) to 
  2. Make a donation (minimum £5) via our Just Giving page, making sure that you include your company name so we know who you are!


“Our vision is that this will be a unique book full of lovely, tasty recipes from local families, each with an uplifting story behind it, that will inspire other local families to join in with cooking together at home. All while helping to support the incredible work our NHS services do every day.”

The deadline for submitting your recipes is Friday 17th April.

All money raised will go to NHS Charities Together!