Welcome to Kiddy Cook in Twickenham. Our award-winning cooking & baking classes and workshops introduce children to a variety of ingredients and help them to prepare delicious, healthy recipes to take home and cook. Here at Kiddy Cook, we’re dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the UK by inspiring them to have fun with food, while instilling the importance of healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Kiddy Cook Twickenham

Hello, My name is Veronika, the franchise owner of Kiddy Cook and Cookie Tots for the South West London. We cover all the TW, SW and KT postcodes.

Having a Greek mother, the kitchen was always the social hub of our lives and now having two young children of my own, good food has become more important than ever. They are beginning to join in and we’ve been having a lot of fun cooking together. Their enthusiasm is great fun and a real encouragement.

While doing research for my post graduate Diploma in urban agriculture I found Nikki’s business and instantly recognised the brilliance of the idea.

So when I found later that Kiddy Cook had become a franchise, I knew it would be perfect for me. The classes are brilliantly entertaining and interactive, children not only get to cook, they also learn about taste, play games, sing songs and listen to stories; all based around food and cooking.

I’d love to see you in one of my classes soon, there’s so much I’d like to show your little ones....


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