At Kiddy Cook SE London we are highly aware of how lucky we are in this world and of the privileged position we hold in a society largely geared to serve a small percentage of it. All around us are stories of hardship, grief, war, injustice and terror. One day I wish to set up a foundation so I can reach the most tucked away of children who are most in need. In the meantime, we have supported a number of charities and causes over the years - I prefer those means of assistance that go directly to the source though this isn't always possible. So you are aware of where some of the money you spend on Kiddy Cook classes goes, I have detailed some of these below. 


East Africa Famine (through DEC)

April 2017

50,00 £

Grenfell Tower 


50,00 £

Together Rising (supporting separated border families in Mexico)

June 2018

20,00 £

A young woman in dire need in Johannesburg, South Africa

November 2018

80,00 £

Broadwater Farm (supporting children in an impoverished community in North London whose lives are limited by their living circumstances) 

July 2019

115,00 £