Welcome to Kiddy Cook in South East London. Our award-winning cooking & baking classes and workshops introduce children to a variety of ingredients and help them to prepare delicious, healthy recipes to take home and cook. Here at Kiddy Cook, we’re dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the UK by inspiring them to have fun with food, while instilling the importance of healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Becky and I love running Kiddy Cook South East London.

Hi! I’m Becky, Mum to two delightful - and active! - boys and the owner of Kiddy Cook South East London. I have cooked and baked with my boys since they were both tiny and now that they’re far too busy to be hanging out with me in the kitchen, I’ve had to look elsewhere for baking partners. 

At Kiddy Cook South East London, we are passionate about taking advantage of the full breadth of ingredients available to us in the world today, and love playing with sugar / gluten / grain / dairy and egg free and raw recipes … though we believe firmly that every cuisine has its story and value, so, don’t value any one style above any other, whether it’s traditional English, north African or gluten-free. In our classes, parties and workshops, we start with the creation and exploration of foods in a fun, sensory, experiential, mindful, delicious way and through this, we allow their creative and scientific stories to unfold. We might touch on the practical and global significance of our food choices and how foods impact us, our health and well being - but in a way that doesn't detract from the joy of freshly baked banana bread.

At its heart, we connect through the simple joy of making and sharing food together, which empowers each participant in their relationship with food - from the very littlest of us to the biggest and boldest!  The value of this extends way beyond the class but onwards, into the lives of each individual.  

Come and join us for fun and informative cookery sessions for pre-schoolers, children, teens, young adults and families. Choose the style that suits you, from pre-school Cookie Tots classes, to cross-curricular programs specifically designed for schools, privately-tailored sessions in your home for the entire family, fun birthday parties - or whatever else you might have in mind. 

We look forward to sharing in the magic of food with you soon. In culinary joy, Becky xx