Cookie Tots in Beckenham

 We'll be back soon with our next phase of CookieTots classes. Read below for more information of what these classes look like and email me to register your interest! 

Join us for this parent / child cooking class broken into 2 courses, both of which will be different, in case you want to book in for both! Each course will  will centre around a range of themes including countries of the world, cooking techniques, cutlery, raw vs cooked, farmyard animals, smells, spices....and many more! In a dynamic, interactive format, we will sing, read, explore ingredients, cook, snack, taste, move and read a bit more. Parents can expect to learn some new healthy recipes and ideas for getting children more engaged with food. All food prepared is refined sugar-free, vegetarian, whole grain and the approach is very much stripped down - no processed foods and everything as made from scratch as we can make it. The price includes all ingredients, take-home packaging, take-home goodies prepared in the class, snack and recipe cards. I look forward to getting to know you and your little ones! And you can book here or PM me directly!

Limited space means places get booked up quickly. Call now to book your space!

Hi! I'm Becky. I will be your teacher.