The session was great; it met all my expectations and hit the objectives I needed from the national curriculum.The map group work was good and the children worked well together and enjoyed finding the countries. The cooking session had a range of techniques, lots of equipment available so children doing something at all times. Healthy food made. Children exposed to different fruit and veg. It was really enjoyed by all children, so thank you again.

Melissa Handley, Teacher, Oakview Academy, Cheshire

Nikki planned several workshops to initially cover the Design Technology Year group objectives of the New Curriculum with our Year 2, 4 and 6 classes. Her lessons were very organised and professional. The children were 'hands on', learning lots of new skills and cooking techniques, from the minute they entered the room and they left with a lovely take home sample of cooking as well as lots of new knowledge. It was wonderful that the lessons even dipped into the Science curriculum and supported our school in our quest to maintain our 'Healthy Eating' award. We shared our children s' wonderful baking on Twitter and it was a big hit with parents too! Roll on next year!

 Rachel Morris, St Clements Catholic Primary School

The ability to provide bespoke activities has been invaluable when planning the new curriculum. Everything has been extremely well-organised and planned in advance with all materials and ingredients provided - Kiddy Cook are true professionals.

Jenny Baxter, Ravenbank Community Primary School, Lymm

Kiddy Cook was able to provide an engaging and educational experience for our year 6 classes in a fun-filled day. Nikki was able to establish many cross curricular links throughout the sessions and motivate the children to use a wide range of skills. Whilst promoting food hygiene the children explored healthy living choices (science), reading recipes (literacy) and using a range of measuring equipment (maths). These real life skills were secured through teambuilding and the use of speaking and listening skills.

Sean Briscoe, Year 6 teacher, Kensington Community Primary School, Liverpool

We will continue to work with Kiddy Cook for the duration of our Lottery funding, and have no hesitation in warmly recommending them as excellent cooking trainers,highly professional, supremely well organised and able to create delicious dishes of the highest quality under pressure.

Christabelle Dilks , Project Manager, Norfolk Food Discovery

Kiddy Cook offers a fantastic service to children. They were extremely flexible, highly professional and very child friendly. They are easy to contact and accommodated all of our requirements. The children loved the experience with Kiddy Cook and learnt a lot about different foods. The great thing about Kiddy Cook is that you do not always need to be near a kitchen, as often the children take home what they have prepared and can cook it at home with their parents. Sessions were very organised and tailored to the different age ranges, from year 1 to year 6. Highly recommended.

Nicola Nelson, Headteacher, St Patrick’s RC Primary School, Manchester

We have been having CookieTots classes in the nursery for a number of years now on an ad hoc basis throughout the year. Nikki complements the special events days that we plan in the nursery and also manages to come up with fun activities and recipes for us - including Chinese New Year, Greek day, Italian Day and many more. The children absolutely love these classes and are very proud of what they make to take home. The classes cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and prove a good opportunity for observations. The children’s Personal, Social and Emotional development is particularly well covered as the children work together taking turns and sharing equipment. Children get to smell and taste the ingredients which covers Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy is well covered as the children both weigh and count out spoons of ingredients, Physical development is covered through the small equipment children learn to use safely e.g. graters, Communication, Language and Literacy skills are developed as the children listen carefully to instructions and also by the interactive element to the classes as children answer questions, Creative development is covered as the children sing and dance before and after the cooking.

Sara Brehon, Nursery Manager, Happi Tots Nursery, Sale, Manchester


Bernadette has been delivering Cookie Tot classes with us for one and a half years. Each week, Bernadette has a fun and creative session planned for the 2-5s. Her cooking ideas are always thoughtfully and carefully tailored to ensure that all children are able to access the session. Bernadette takes into consideration the dietary needs of the children and plans each class in communication with the setting. Often the food Bernadette will be cooking is linked to festivals and events happening in real time, such as pancakes for Pancake Day, an Oriental dish to celebrate Chinese New Year and so on. Bernadette brings along her own utensils and ingredients, not to mention the motivating music and puppet which helps the children engage and prepare for the class ahead. They learn cooking-related terminology as well as practising their physical skills whilst pouring, mixing, rolling, etc. The children are encouraged to share, be patient and help each other, learning many skills described in the Personal, Social, Emotional Development area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Our Cookie Tot sessions are always ones the children look forward to. They eagerly wash their hands and are always excited to see what they will be cooking. Parents have given excellent feedback on Bernadette’s classes and have commented on the variety and creativity of what she cooks with the children. One parent even said that the child’s dad takes the cooking to work for his lunch the next day and very much looks forward to it! We are very fortunate to have Bernadette as our specialist teacher at Independent Place Nursery and look forward to more tasty classes to come!

Nursery Manager, Independent Place Nursery, Hackney

Thank you for being a part of our Health and Fitness week at Mayfield Primary School. Children loved learning more about the eat well plate and by the end of the session were confident at identifying the different sections. They also found the different experiments fascinating and were challenged to think why did that happen and how. The opportunity to see how simply a sugar free banana cake could be made helped pupils realise they could bake at home and they really enjoyed getting to taste the final product. Pupils began to see the importance of a healthy lifestyle, not just from the point of view of exercise. 

Emma Ankers, Mayfield Primary School, London