Our programme of award-winning cooking workshops for nurseries and primary schools helps to support an understanding of the food journey, healthy eating & activity, and why looking after our health is so important.

About our nursery & school sessions

All of Kiddy Cook’s nursery and school sessions have been specially developed with the guidance of our qualified nutritionist. They use a variety of age-specific recipes and resources, and take into account any dietary requirements for health or religious purposes. We provide everything that’s needed, including all utensils, aprons and ingredients. And because all dishes are prepared in the classroom and then taken home to cook (with full and clear instructions), we don’t need even need access to any oven facilities. To extend the learning process, and help reinforce family time and bonding, at the end of each session we’ll give each child a wipe-clean recipe card so they’ll be able to recreate the dish at home with their parents/carers. As well as regular programmes, workshops and after-school clubs, we can also deliver adhoc sessions according to where you are in the curriculum, or as part of celebration days. We work with a number of schools & nurseries throughout the UK, so if you’d like to find out more, just get in touch with your nearest Kiddy Cook 

Membership of the Children's Activity Association (CAA)

Kiddy Cook is a member of the Children's Activities Association which provides parents, schools and nurseries with an official code of practice, and ensures consistent standards across all of our workshops. This gives parents and teachers peace of mind and absolute confidence in the activities we provide.