For cool boys & girls who like things that go bang! This session lasts approximately 2 hours and the partygoers get to try a host of experiments using things you would find in your kitchen cupboard.

Kitchen Science

Aimed at children who love cooking and like to experiment, they'll make a pizza, dough balls and homemade garlic butter. They’ll experiment with bread bubble bombs and carbon dioxide rockets (that will explode at the end of the party)! And they’ll get to make edible goo slime to take home (although this slime is made from cornstarch and water, so there isn't much to it as far as taste goes).

Please note the menu is specifically designed to link with the experiments and is not suitable for changing.

Our Kitchen science parties include:

Fizz! Bang! Wallop!

We also do a basic ‘fizz, bang, wallop’ party with no cooking. We show kids how to have fun in the kitchen using everyday ingredients from the store cupboard.

Choose from bread bubble bombs and exploding rockets, experiments to do with taste and flavour, marble milk, plastic bag ice cream and much, much more.