Oct 21

New Curriculum-led Science Workshops


We are excited to tell Primary School teachers about our new and highly interactive, curriculum-led science workshops using food as the basis. We know how much primary school children love to conduct their own experiments and that's how they learn best - but how to do it? We have 12 whacky workshops that bring both COOKING and SCIENCE into the equation (so real value for money). When you book a Kiddy Cook Science Workshop for your school, we’ll incorporate food and science into each lesson, so each child will have a phenomenal experience preparing a fantastic recipe and discovering just how much fun science can be! Learning Has Never Been So Much Fun!


02.05.21 Helping children do well even when they’re having a bad day! 

16.03.21 With how hectic life tends to get, it’s tough to prioritise your health — let alone your entire family’s.… 

09.10.20 I recently shared a picture on Facebook of my 9 month old gorgeous, squidgy baby, showing him covered in head… 

Help your young people practice their mental resilience skills with our brand new RED2BLUE technique from Gazing.

Our mental resilience is being tested more than ever and many young people are finding the changes to daily life increasingly challenging as they try to cope with new routines and systems. Our introduction to RED head BLUE head thinking will teach your children some simple techniques to help build their mental resilience so they can perform and do better, even when they're having a 'bad day'.