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Top Tips to a Socially Distanced Kids Party

With social distancing still in place and kids unable to get close in big groups, you might be thinking of how you can celebrate your child’s birthday with family and friends.

To help, we’ve put together our top tips and great ideas to ensure that your child has a day to remember despite Covid-19! And there is absolutely no need to let social distancing get in your way!

DIY Online Birthday

This has got to be a parents’ dream come true – a party without the mess! Organise your own online party using a video conferencing app such as FaceTime or Zoom.

You can still play party games like:

  • Freeze Dance – Choose your favourite songs, create a playlist and get those bodies moving. Blast out some tunes, get dancing in front of the camera and when the music stops – FREEZE!
  • Scavenger Hunt – get all the guests to run and find something in their house that is blue (for example) and bring it back to the computer
  • Get everyone to sing Happy Birthday and help you to ‘blow’ out the candles
  • Pictionary – Use Zoom’s whiteboard feature. Click on the ‘share screen’ and select whiteboard and you can use the annotation tools that allow you to use your mouse to draw.

Kiddy Cook can send all the guests a personalised biscuit baking mix before the party, and you can hold the party on Zoom.

Alternatively, we can do it all for you! We’ll deliver our eco party bags direct to your door. We’ll email your guests with an e-invite and we’ll join you and your friends via Zoom to help make your biscuits and sing happy birthday. We’ll also show you how you can make it even more personal by creating your own virtual birthday background using our easy-to-use templates on Canva. Each child will receive a birthday e-certificate and if you email us a picture of your cooked biscuits, we’ll personalise a digital recipe card as evidence of your success. Email for more information,

Drive-By Party

If you happen to live on a quiet, suburban street you could organise a birthday convey to make your child feel special. Ask friends to drive slowly past your house at a specific time while you and your child stand at the front gate. You could also ask them to throw a few environmentally friendly decorations to add to the celebration and make things more fun!

Face-to-Face Party

If you do want to invite a few of your child’s friends, where possible host the event outside and think about borrowing a gazebo in case of bad weather. Consider your child’s social bubbles or invite the children in their schools’ class bubble.

Plot out each child’s space with blankets to set a clear 2 metres around each guest and consider colour coordinated spots or flags to differentiate each child’s area. Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitiser and on arrival ask everyone to wash their hands.

Kiddy Cook have created a fabulous Master Chef cooking party which we can deliver in your home. Each child gets their own individual box of ingredients and utensils (so no sharing) to make 2 different dishes which can be prepared and eaten during the party. We have 1 of 3 boxes to choose from including our Mystery, Surprise or Challenge Box. Email for more information.

Whoever you invite, ensure that everyone knows the arrangements and plans for the day to ensure they are comfortable with the environment for their children and/or themselves. And if you are limited on numbers and unable to invite all of your child’s friends, we love Katie Bakes idea to send a small gift to those you can’t invite to say you are thinking of them.

Decorate the House

Deck your house and garden with birthday cheer! Surprise your child when they wake up with a house decorated with balloons, bunting and a big birthday sign. You can even get your party delivered. We absolutely love the Party Kit Network who can provide your with reusable party kits for a ‘greener’ party that avoids waste from disposables. Party kits include reusable plates, cups, decorations and more. They have a nationwide network of kits and you can visit their website to find a local supplier.


When it comes to the party food, it is all about minimising risk. To prevent kids from sharing and not adhering to staying 2 metres apart, why not ask your guests to bring their own food. Or create a paper bag picnic for each child – that way there is an element of surprise for everyone. Alternatively, think about picking up a take-away or arrange a delivery from your child’s favourite restaurant. It will make your life easier and you will feel great knowing that you’re supporting a local business that is bound to be struggling now.

Do not forget however, to ditch the candles on the cake, blowing out candles isn’t advisable at the current time so why not use mini cake sparklers or a cake sparkler fountain for that bit of excitement and the wow factor.

So good luck, have fun and stay safe.



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