Jun 26

15 blogs with the best breakfasts kids can make for themselves


Kiddy Cook's nutritionist has written about healthy breakfasts this month so a recent email from http://www.parttimenanny.org/blog/15-blogs-with-the-best-breakfasts-kids-can-make-for-themselves/ couldn't have come at a better time. These 15 blogs articles will help you create several breakfast options with your kids, so that they can get in a morning meal while still getting out the door on time.

Whether you’re trying to get the kids out the door for school, football practice or nursery, there’s no denying that mornings are nearly always a hectic time. Despite how crazy they may be, you still want to make sure your kids get a good breakfast each morning before starting their day. By teaching your kids to make their own breakfast, you can help free up some of your time in the morning and teach them that having breakfast is important. These 15 blogs articles will help you create several breakfast options with your kids, so that they can get in a morning meal while still getting out the door on time.


By creating several breakfast choices ahead of time, you can free up your time in the morning and allow your kids to grab breakfast on their own.  Use top quality, healthy ingredients when making breakfast sandwiches or burritos, then keep them in the refrigerator or freezer for a few days. Not only will you save money by making breakfast at home, but you can also control the ingredients and quality of the food your kids are eating. These five blog entries will provide you with directions on how to make ahead several different dishes.

Do It Yourself         

As your kids get older, they will need to progress and learn how to make breakfast for themselves. Taking some time during the summer or on the weekend to show your kids how to pour their own cereal or make their own yogurt parfait can actually be a fun activity, and one that instills confidence in your kids and prepares them for when they’re on their own.  For ideas on what you should show your kids, check out these five blog posts.


There’s something about eating a hot breakfast that starts the day on a satisfying note.  Kids need fuel to make it through their day and to keep their brains sharp.  Since there isn’t always time for mom or dad to get up and make a hot breakfast, equipping the kids with a few helpful tips can ensure that they have a hot breakfast with little fuss. Take a look at these five blog articles for easily assembled microwave breakfasts.


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