Upcoming events across South East London

Sunshine Cooking!

A 3 day cook-fest. We will dabble in an array of cooking activities, kitchen science experiments and fun, dynamic nutritional learning. Keep up to date with our social media channels for the menu!

This course is sugar-free, plant-based and refined flour-free but we won't make too big a deal out of that because why concentrate on what the food isn't? Instead we'll let the food speak for itself and celebrate what it IS! Each day will have a different theme. Your child will leave with their creations and a wipe-clean recipe card so they can recreate the dishes at home. Moreover, you will be able to incorporate the recipes into your family repertoire. All equipment and ingredients provided.


Tue 14th Aug – Thu 16th Aug

10:00am – 1:00pm

3 Day Workshop - £90.00

Single Day - £35.00






Weekly After School Kitchen Science Clubs 

We are currently working with a number of schools across SE London. What schools are we currently running clubs in?

Fairlawn Primary School (Kitchen Science)

Torridon Infants School (Deliciously Torridon)

Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green (Kitchen Science)

Dulwich College (Kitchen Science)

Harris Primary Academy Shortlands (Deliciously Shortlands)

...not to mention the breadth of the United Kingdom!

If you know a school that needs a Cookery / Healthy Eating / Kitchen Science after school club, get in touch!

Our Deliciously Yours range of classes covers a broad range of cooking techniques, inspirations, cultures, ingredients and equipment, giving children a broad understanding of different kinds of food and confidence in building flavours.

Our Kitchen Science clubs centre around a different theme each week which is built upon with a fun, tasty recipe that brings home the point. It might be creating and harnessing Carbon Dioxide in our food or how microbes can be used for good or bad. Either way, these interactive, fun sessions build lessons on both fronts.

We are currently rolling out in-school workshops and assemblies across a whole range of areas and themes, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Fairtrade, Sugar Shocker, Taste not Waste, the journey from Farm to Plate and many more. We have so many ideas for how to work with schools to bring the maximum experience for children using minimal resources, bringing to life the curriculum-based work already being done in schools. Get in touch to discuss further how we can work with your school!

Here's our flier for our Mindful Cooking and Eating Workshops...perfect for Healthy Eating Week coming up in June but also completely relevant and important any time!