Jan 06

Why Kids' Cookery Parties Are A Good Idea

Cookery may not be an obvious choice for a kids’ birthday party but most children find them really fun, and they can get a lot out of them. If you are thinking of having a cookery party for your child’s birthday but aren’t quite sure whether it will appeal to all the children, the following factors may help you to decide.

1)    A cookery party can introduce children to a new interest that isn’t always taught in schools until a much later age. As a result, an early interest in cookery can lead to a healthy approach to food.  

2)    Cookery gives children a creative outlet and they feel a sense of pride and achievement at having created something edible themselves.

3)    At some Kiddy Cook birthday parties children can learn the science behind cookery. If they decide to explore their interest in cookery further, they can learn all about food and where it comes from through Kiddy Cook classes.

4)    With Kiddy Cook the birthday child can choose from a range of parties, which are all age-appropriate.

5)    Cookery is a valuable life skill which children can increasingly develop as they get older.

6)    Cookery helps children to develop a range of additional skills including:

a)    Communication - with the cookery teacher and other children if they are working as a group;

b)    Decision making - as they choose different ingredients, toppings etc.;

c)    Motor skills – through mixing and pouring out ingredients and rolling pastry, for example;

d)    Problem solving – as they work out how to achieve particular results.

7)    Having discovered cookery, if children continue to develop their cookery skills, as well as practical skills it will teach them a wide range of other subjects. For instance, they may be reading recipes, using maths by weighing ingredients or using their artistic abilities to decorate biscuits and cakes.

8)    If a child is interested in cookery, it’s a great opportunity to spend his or her birthday doing something they really enjoy.

9)    By getting involved in cookery children can be taught how to stay safe in the kitchen and how to tidy up after themselves.

10) With some Kiddy Cook parties children get to create their own treats that they can either eat during the party or take home with them.

Kids’ cookery parties are becoming increasingly popular and Kiddy Cook offers a good selection of birthday parties for children from the ages of two to eleven. To host a Kiddy Cook party you just need a double oven, and you can choose to have it at your home or any other venue of your choice. As Kiddy Cook have franchises in many regions of the UK, it means that the children’s parties are available to a wide range of children. You can find more details of Kiddy Cook children’s birthday parties on the parties page of the website.

This guest post was written by Diane Mannion who is the author of “Great Places for Kids’ Parties (UK)” which is available for the Kindle at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GXHQ02G with a print version due out by the end of January ‘14. You can find out more about Diane’s books at: http://www.dianemannion.co.uk/books.html


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