Aug 04

NEW Student Survival Pack

Get your teenager all set for Uni and grab a Student Survival Pack ready for the start of term! At just £9.99 our Student Survival Pack includes 10 tried and tested TikTok inspired videos and recipe cards complete with ingredients and equipment list for:

  • Quick and easy chilli
  • Veggie fried rice
  • Chocolate mug cake
  • Veggie fritters
  • DIY pot noodle
  • Tortilla pizza
  • Omelette in a bag
  • Teriyaki chicken drumsticks
  • Enchiladas 
  • Tandoori fish
  • Tomato soup                                                                                                             

These delicious fake-away meals are quick and easy to make with simple store cupboard ingredients. We’ve also included a list of kitchen utensils and store cupboard staples to make sure your young person can eat proper, great tasting, healthy food for ‘Freshers Week’ (and beyond)! Take a peek here.

What are you waiting for? Click here for payment details and we’ll give your young person access to our Uni_FoodIdeas Instagram page where your teenager will be able to find our recipes and start cooking!

"Great package, good value, top tips for store cupboard essentials but particularly liked the utensil list which means you get a useful guide of things they'll use without wasting money. I left Zac to do the cooking himself so he was chuffed with the outcome that he really enjoyed eating. Get's my vote thanks!"


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Help your young people practice their mental resilience skills with our brand new RED2BLUE technique from Gazing.

Our mental resilience is being tested more than ever and many young people are finding the changes to daily life increasingly challenging as they try to cope with new routines and systems. Our introduction to RED head BLUE head thinking will teach your children some simple techniques to help build their mental resilience so they can perform and do better, even when they're having a 'bad day'.