Jul 02

What's the point of a vegetable box?

Veg boxes are much more than a box of veg. They are a great way to teach kids about how to be a good global citizen as well as introducing them to seasonal produce and cooking from scratch.

How to be a good global citizen

If you buy into a veg box scheme you are actively supporting a different food system. One that supports small scale farmers to make a living and is about the relationship between people and where food comes from. Veg boxes reduce food miles and unlike the plastic-wrapped vegetables you’ll find in your local supermarket, they are likely to be delivered without any clothes, in a cardboard box which can be reused or recycled.

What’s in season?

Veg boxes can teach kids to be more aware of what’s in season. They connect us to natures cycles and encourage us to experiment with ingredients that we might not try if we just rely on food that’s been shipped from all around the world. Having seasonal yields of vegetables makes it cheaper too, so you’ll have plenty to cook and preserve. This old-fashioned way of eating is a sustainable, natural way to create and enjoy your meals.

Cooking from scratch

Veg boxes are a great opportunity to teach your kids how to cook from scratch. Children learn by example so if they see you cooking from scratch they are more likely to do the same when they grow up. Get small children to help unpack the week’s box, naming the different foods and putting them away to familiarise them with the huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables waiting to be discovered. As children get older, they’ll be more able to help you out in the kitchen starting them off with simple tasks such as chopping, kneading and weighing ingredients as you cook. Making simple fruit or vegetable kebabs or making pizza from scratch are all great places to start. Get inspired by our Instagram pages, with easy kid-friendly recipes to inspire you and your little ones at home.

For older kids and young people, when you are able to prepare food from start to finish you give your friends and family a powerful mode of self-sufficiency.

The value of a veg box goes way beyond the price of the box.


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