Jun 03

How to set up a cleaning routine with kids

No one expects the house to be sparkling clean right now but a family chore schedule will make sure that everyone is doing their bit to keep the home tidy while staying at home. From cleaning tips to age appropriate chores, we have everything you need to help set your family up with the best cleaning routine for you.

Teach them by example. The best way to ensure that your routine sticks once it is in place is to make sure that your children know what they’re doing. That way you won’t have to go around redoing their jobs!

Set up a chore chart. One of the best ways to ensure that you get everyone into a routine is to set up a chart so everyone knows which jobs they are in charge of. A few tips for this include:

  • Start by writing a list of all the jobs which need to be done.
  • Decide who will be in charge of each job.
  • If you laminate the chart, you can use a whiteboard marker to tick the box when the job is done each day or week (depending on the frequency required) and wipe it clean for next time.

Consider a reward system. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to parents of younger children. Whilst getting into a routine is important, sometimes incentives (or bribery if you prefer!) is a good way to get your children involved. Why not try adding a box onto your chore chart for your children to aim towards, with a prize for a week of completed chores.

Get them involved in sorting their laundry. Children of any age should know how to sort their own laundry! When they get changed, ensure they put the dirty clothing into the laundry basket. They could also:

  • Help you carry dirty clothes to the washing machine.
  • Help to peg clean, wet laundry out onto the clothes line (or on the a-frame if you need to dry it indoors!)
  • Sort it into piles of who each item belongs to once it is dry.
  • Put their own clean clothes away once it is clean, dry, ironed and sorted.

Get them cleaning up with age appropriate chores. Cleaning doesn’t always have to be done by you, there are plenty of jobs that children of different ages can partake in. For example:

  • Teenagers may be allowed to clean down surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen, as well as do household dusting.
  • Older children may be able to help do vacuuming and washing up.
  • Even toddlers can be involved in a cleaning routine for the family by making their bed every morning and tidying up toys before snack and meal times.

So, now you have all the tips and tricks you need to get your family started in a good cleaning routine. Don’t forget, every family is different so these tips can always be adapted to ensure that you do what works best for you.


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