Feb 20

Benefits of cooking with kids

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s a great place to bring people together. And that’s especially true when it comes to getting children involved with the cooking. So, if you like the idea of spending some time cooking with your son or daughter, here are a handful of great benefits.

Bonding time

Cooking is a lovely way of spending quality time with your little one. It’s a chance for you to chat, share ideas and build on the bond that you have. Children really enjoy playing at being an adult too, and when you give them special tasks – like sorting out ingredients or pressing the button when sterilising jars in microwave – they’ll get a real kick out of helping you.

Teach them a new skill


Anytime you can play a role in your child’s education is great, and the kitchen provides a real opportunity to do so. Not only can you teach them practical skills like how to prepare food and cook produce, you can also educate them about different cuisines from around the world. It’s a chance for you to learn something new too.

Boost their confidence & independence

Learning a new skill is a really sound way of helping develop kids’ confidence. There’s a real sense of achievement in preparing a meal from scratch, and cooking will show them how capable they are. On top of that, things go wrong in the kitchen, and this provides children with an opportunity to overcome problems and learn that they can do something that seemed impossible at one stage.

Another bonus of cooking is developing independence. The more confident they get with different tasks the more responsibility you can give them. Washing vegetables, turning on the blender or sterilising jars in microwave ovens, this is a chance for them to start taking ownership of their role in the kitchen.

Encourage healthy eating

When you’re spending quality time with children you’ve often got a captive audience, and that means that you can impart a little wisdom. In the case of cooking this is a good chance to talk about healthy eating and apply it to the meals that you are making.

The more that children learn about how to take raw ingredients and turn them into something tasty, as well as healthy, the more encouraged they’ll be to choose the nutritious options when you’re not with them.

Open their culinary minds


We’ve mentioned how cooking gives you the chance to educate your little one about different cuisines, and this is the chance to broaden their palette too. Bring in novelty ingredients and recipes from around the world – kids are far more likely to give something a go if they’ve had a hand in making it.

 That’s five benefits of getting kids involved in what goes on in the kitchen, and there are plenty more too. Happy cooking!


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