Aug 27

Feeding Your Teenage Athlete

Feeding Your Teenage Athlete

Your young person might be mad keen on sport, and they might have their training ‘in the bag’, but do they (you) focus equally on nutrition to support their sport? Optimal performance for all athletes requires preparation – not just with their training, but also with their eating!

Sports nutrition for teenagers is a specialised area, that’s why Kiddy Cook has teamed up with qualified performance nutritionist, Becky McGrath (Dip. ISSN. CISSN) to give you some very general information and helpful hints and tips on how to FUEL your teenage athlete in ways that are healthy AND promote optimal performance.

How do you properly nourish the teenage body pre & post- match?

Teenage athletes playing high level sports burn calories very quickly. If they don’t eat enough or are deficient in nutrients, their energy and thereby performance can decrease. A consistent healthy diet (not just on training and match days) allows a teen athlete to achieve peak performance without compromising overall health. Your first step in helping your athlete is to get the basics right. Simplicity first!

Our information leaflet is designed to help you understand the basics of nutrition from which you can build on. Email if you'd like us to send you a copy.


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