Mar 12

100% of Kiddy Cook franchisees say we go the 'extra mile'!

Kiddy Cook is proud to announce a score of 83% in the 2019 Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark Survey provided by workBuzz.

The objective of the survey is to identify and understand how the franchise is performing through the eyes of its franchisees and the report covers the critical areas of training and support, products and services, marketing, franchisee-franchisor relations, leadership and rewards.

83% of our franchise owners intend to renew their franchise agreement at the end of their term and would recommend a Kiddy Cook franchise to others. Get in touch if you'd like to know how you can become part of our happy network of business owners.


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Help your young people practice their mental resilience skills with our brand new RED2BLUE technique from Gazing.

Our mental resilience is being tested more than ever and many young people are finding the changes to daily life increasingly challenging as they try to cope with new routines and systems. Our introduction to RED head BLUE head thinking will teach your children some simple techniques to help build their mental resilience so they can perform and do better, even when they're having a 'bad day'.