Feb 20

Are you doing your DofE Award?


Are you doing your DofE Award?

We've created a BRAND NEW "Cook at Home" course which provides you with everything you'll need to cook delicious and nutritious food from scratch whilst gaining an essential life skill - all from the comfort of your own home kitchen!

Our "Cook at Home " course includes:

 - 12 recipes to include a variety of cooking techniques to help you prepare your food from scratch

 - Food & kitchen hygiene

 - Food preparation skills

 - Equipment lists

 - Helpful hints & tips

 - Evidence sheets (just send us an image of your dish and we'll add it to your recipe cards)

 - Final assessor's report & certificate, and

 - Email support for the duration of the course

If you are looking for the inspiration and know how to make a variety of meals that you'll be inspired to cook and eat get in touch with us today.

Only £30


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Help your young people practice their mental resilience skills with our brand new RED2BLUE technique from Gazing.

Our mental resilience is being tested more than ever and many young people are finding the changes to daily life increasingly challenging as they try to cope with new routines and systems. Our introduction to RED head BLUE head thinking will teach your children some simple techniques to help build their mental resilience so they can perform and do better, even when they're having a 'bad day'.