Jan 06

Kiddy Cook Welcomes New Franchisee


Stella Fairn kick starts the New Year by taking control of her working life with (the already successful) Kiddy Cook West London franchise. Stella will continue to inspire young people to have fun with food and help them to make informed choices towards a healthy lifestyle with a business that sits at the heart of her community. Undoubtedly, Kiddy Cook's ethos of making a real difference to children's lives is a big draw for professionals from all walks of life. But so too is the opportunity to build a profitable business for the long term. This great mix of personal satisfaction and financial rewards is what excites ambitious entrepreneurs about joining the successful Kiddy Cook network.

Stella Fairn says:

“I have been running after school clubs for Kiddy Cook in the Twickenham area, which helped me understand more about the business, so when the opportunity to get my own franchise in the West London area came up, I did not hesitate to grab it".

 If you would like to discuss if a Kiddy Cook franchise could be right for you, please do get in touch for a very informal chat and we can answer any questions that you might have.


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